1-2 Discussion

1-2 Discussion

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An economist plays two roles: scientist and policy advisor. As scientists, economists explain the world, and as policy advisors they help improve the world. Because these two roles have different goals, they require different types of language. Economists as scientists make positive claims, whereas economists as policy advisors make normative claims.

In your initial post, begin by briefly introducing yourself, including your program of study and career interests. Then address the following:

  • Explain the difference between positive and normative analysis.
  • Provide an example of a normative statement or an example of a positive statement from a recent news story.

For your response posts, select two or more initial posts that contain different current news examples (normative versus positive), and contrast your example with those of your peers. What makes the examples different? How do those differences relate to the different roles that an economist plays as a scientist and policy advisor?

To complete this assignment, review the Module One Discussion Guidelines and Rubric.

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