507 factor 6

507 factor 6

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Students we are moving into our last chapters of the TWS.   Number 4 & 5 of the TWS are due on tomorrow, October 13, 22021.  Please review your instructions as they are key to understanding what is required in this lesson.  Keep in mind that you are presenting a lesson in which 7 factors will be used to measure.  

If you have not submitted your work please submit.  After 2 days resubmissions are expected to be handed in.  I have included a summation of 6 & 7 hopefully to help you and serve as a check off as to what is needed in these sections,  These sections are designed to summarize what you have taught and giving examples of how you taught it.  Evaluation is apart of this section.  You will evaluate student learning and teacher instruction.

In the final chapter you will link at yourself as the teacher and discuss how you were successful or not and how you can improve. 

I have included a summation of factor 6&7.  You may use it as a check off to make sure you covered all the point.  Graphs are included in this sessions.

All work  must be in by October 21.  Late work will not be accepted.  I have open assignment tabs through October 21.  I hope you have been able to use the materials to strengthen you and your work.

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