5mk Part III: Marketing and Selling Strategies, Financials and Controls This is part three of your marketing plan and there are two parts: Part A: Mark

Part III: Marketing and Selling Strategies, Financials and Controls

This is part three of your marketing plan and there are two parts: 

Part A: Marketing and Selling Strategy

· Marketing Strategy:

· Marketing Objectives – these are the objectives from the beginning of the plan, restate and follow it up with the rest of this section will be writing about in Marketing Mix.

· Target Markets – reiterate from above.

· Positioning – how does your product sit within the market landscape?  A diagram like the one in your MKTG11 book is appropriate here.

· Marketing Mix – all the marketing tools you will be using to launch and commercialize your product.  Ads, PR, social media, commercials, etc.

· Sales Cycle (add specifics and mock-ups for each marketing element make sure you have estimated the cost of these items, based on credible sources, to use in your financial objectives section in upcoming modules):

· Describe your type of sale relationship for your product/service.

· Describe the sales strategy

· Outline the steps in the sales process (aligned to buyer behavior)

· Identify sales metrics and intended targets

· Outline customer empowerment and loyalty strategies for your product/service.

Part B: Financials and Controls
This portion of the marketing plan should consist of a table (conversely you can use an Excel file as an Appendix or embed an Excel file into this section), as well as a narrative describing the outcome. Be sure to specify your pricing strategy with its justification. This is a very theoretical part of your plan but do your research and be sure you are estimating costs based on realistic information; please list your sources for your estimates. Your written narrative should be three to five pages, double-spaced. Please use proper APA format and citations, as applicable.  

Please review Marketing Plan Overview & Instructions as necessary to see the marketing plan in its entirety. For this section, include the following:

· Financials:

· Price: Document your pricing strategy and justify it; then tell us how much it will cost.  

· Break-Even (B/E) Analysis: How many do you need to sell to break even?

· Sales Forecast: This is typically a spreadsheet that show the price of your product and sales, over time. This must be a feasible forecast based on market data.  

· Expenses Forecast: This is typically a spreadsheet and must be based on actual cost estimates of the marketing mix you proposed in your last section. Document your sources for cost information. Be sure your Sales Forecast can support your Expense Forecast.  

· Marketing Expense Budget

· Contribution Margin: (sales – marketing = contribution margin)

· Controls:

· Implementation: When and how will this plan be implemented? Who is involved and who will manage it?

· Milestones: When will this plan be evaluated, how, and by whom? What are the key metrics you are looking for during those check-ins?

· Marketing Organization: Who are the people who work in your department and what are they responsible for in this plan?

· Contingency Planning: What happens if this plan doesn’t seem to be working out?  What do you do?

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