Answer 2 questions …. child education…..

Answer 2 questions …. child education…..

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this is due in 3 hours and I do not have more time

Use the attachment book and Chapter 6 and 7 only 

Select 2 questions below to answer using chapter 6 or 7 only from the attachment. Answers should demonstrate that you have read the text and/ or web resources and that you understand the content – you must have at least two (2) citations to the textbook and/or other module content that is included in the prompt. 250 words for each answer 

Only pick 2 questions to answer from below: 

 1.  Discuss how issues of bias, classism and racism affect the development of young children- what has been your experience with these issues? What aspects of the information in the text connect for you?

2.  Discuss how children’s behavior in Kindergarten might affect their academic performance- what are the expectations for children’s behavior? Are these expectations reasonable?

3. Discuss how television/media/technology affect the development of young children-how does your experience connect to the ideas from the chapter?

4. Discuss your experience with bilingual language development, supporting home language and learning a new language- how does language learning and the attitudes of parents and teachers affect development?

Only use Chapter 6 or 7 in attachment 

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