Assessment Hi Zenovia, Thank you for the question. Assessment from the standpoint of Hoeltke (2008) is integrated with instruction in a way that learns wh

Hi Zenovia,

Thank you for the question. Assessment from the standpoint of Hoeltke (2008) is integrated with instruction in a way that learns whether or not educational goals are met. To your question of whether assessment inspires or promotes better learning in the classroom, my simple response is both. The argument to support this position is captured in the views of Hoeltke (2008) who explained that because assessment affects decisions about students grades, placement of students, the instructional needs set forth for learners, written and teaching curriculum, and, in some instances, funding, assessment inspire teachers to question themselves whether they are teaching as they should or whether students are learning as expected of them. Hoeltke (2008), further delineated that, when assessment works best, it among other things: provides diagnostic feedback; helps educators set standards; evaluates progress; relates to a student’s progress, and motivates performance. That being said, both teachers and students alike are inspired by assessment. For instance when students self-evaluate, not only do they see themselves in charge of their learning but also take inspiration from how they are doing and even more so how they can better their learning. On the part of the teacher, when self-evaluation inspiration comes from teachers ascertaining what is working for the students and what can be done to help the students more. Yan and Boud (2021), viewed assessment as means for students to be engaged, active, and assessors of their learning (self-learning). In this view, one can conclude that learners get inspired when they are engaged and active because as Yan and Boud (2021) noted monitoring one’s own learning and using feedback for the self-monitoring process allow them to adjust and improve. This in itself is inspiring to the learner and as well promotes better learning within the classroom.

 Assessment Results Analysis [due Mon]

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Imagine that your test has been implemented in your selected learning environment. Learners in five classes have been given a test prior to the pretest and following the posttest. Both pretest scores and posttest scores are collected and recorded in a Microsoft® Excel®spreadsheet. 

Analyze the data for individual classes as well as across the five classes. Include methods used to develop the assessment and to ascertain validity and reliability.

Summarize your analysis in a 700- to 1,050-word paper.

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