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using the library database find at least two medical articles from professional journal 

highlight twenty (20)medical terms total (they may be distructed as your see fit between article)

take each highlighted term and enter it in your document, you will need to;

   define the term 

   break it down into its word  parts (word root, prefix, suffix, combining vowel)

   label the word parts 

   cite the article the word came from in the document text

make sure your reference page include citation for each paper used as well as your dictionary.

grading is based on ;

       20 words

       properly defined and broken down 


       APA format  cover page, header, citations and reference page 

       proper grammar and spelling 

       minus 5 point a day if late  

  example :

(1) hepatitis:swelling and inflammation of the liver most frequently associated with a virus.


      wt.       s                                                                                                     (LPN,2011)

(2)  osteoarthritis : Non inflammatory disease caused by loss of cartilage in the joint space.

       oste/o/arthr/ itis 

       wr  cv   wr    s                                                                                               (smith, 2012)

(3) cardiologist ; medical physician who specialized in the heart and blood vessels.

      cardi /o / logist

      wr     cv   s                                                                                                (jama,2009)

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