Biopsychosocial Assessment For this Assignment, imagine yourself as Ray’s social worker. Though you won’t be interviewing him, you have learned a great dea

 For this Assignment, imagine yourself as Ray’s social worker. Though you won’t be interviewing him, you have learned a great deal about his story in videos throughout the course. Now, in this Assignment, you apply that learning to identify, categorize, and record important information about Ray’s development in a bio-psychosocial assessment. 


By Day 7

Using the template, submit bio-psychosocial assessment focusing on Ray. The assessment should be written in professional language and cover the following sections: 

  • Presenting issue (including referral source)
  • Demographic information
  • Current living situation
  • Birth and developmental history
  • School and social relationships
  • Family members and relationships
  • Health and medical issues (including biological, psychological, and psychiatric functioning and substance use)
  • Spiritual and cultural development
  • Social, community, and recreational activities
  • Client strengths, capacities, and resources

At the end of the document: 

  • Include a summary and analysis of the overall challenges experienced by the client and how the social environment has contributed to those challenges. Describe how this analysis of the social environment would be beneficial to treatment and goal-setting.
  • Then, describe two goals that you can work on with this client based on the assessment. Explain why these goals are appropriate and relevant to the case in addressing the presenting issue and challenges.

Please use the Learning Resources and additional research to support your analysis. Make sure to provide APA citations and a reference list

Meet Ray. Age 17 to 18

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Meet Ray. Age 17 to 18
Program Transcript

NARRATOR: Ray gains self-confidence from exercising, socializing with the other team

workers at his part-time fast-food job, and honing his woodworking skills he graduates

high school. Ray applies to college with the support of his teacher-mentor and gets a full

scholarship. He would be the first in his family to attend college.

However, his father George becomes sick with lung cancer the summer before his

freshman year of college. Ray doesn’t know where to turn. He is estranged from his

father’s side of the family due to a fight George had with his brother years ago. His

mother’s side of the family do not live in the area, and he’s never had a close

relationship with them. He feels a sense of obligation to George and guilt for what he’d

said about wishing him dead, ray never leaves for college, letting the scholarship lapse.

He stays and cares for his father until George dies four months later.

Now 18, Ray lives alone with a rescue pit bull named Daisy. He has maintained his fast-

food job, but after George’s death, he begins to show up at work late, unshowered, and

occasionally drunk. Ray’s boss tells him that he understands he’s grieving, but he can’t

show up in that state. The boss puts him on probation. If he is late, skips work, or shows

up inebriated again, he will be fired.

If Ray loses his job, his housing will be in jeopardy as well. Ray’s work friends

encourage him to see a social worker.

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