bodies 2 Reflexive Piece
Visit a historical landmark facility.

•    The psychosocial

Reflexive Piece
Visit a historical landmark facility.

•    The “facility” and “website” share equal importance. Locating “important facts” and “interesting stories” found on the historical landmark’s website is part of the process of supporting the main topic.

Please visit the galleries of the Wellcome Collection, an important institution at walking distance from our Birkbeck campus, Focus on one gallery from the permanent display/collection or on one of the temporary exhibitions, and write a 500-word long reflexive piece, connecting your observations drawn from your visit to the material covered in the course. This year it would be particularly pertinent if you could visit the ‘Being Human’ exhibition, see

All information should uniformly match and relate to the course: bodies learning outcomes and focus on an experience and your explanation of how that experience changed you or aided in your growth as an individual. The main topic should be more significant than all the subtopics that follow. All subtopics should directly support the main topic. 

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