Business Launch Plan: Part I Throughout this course, you will be creating a Business Launch Plan, which will bring together much of what you have learned

Throughout this course, you will be creating a Business Launch Plan, which will bring together much of what you have learned throughout the Digital Entrepreneurship MBA program. For your first assignment, you will complete Part I of your plan using the Assignment 1 template document provided in the Blackboard course. The template is divided into three sections. In the first section, you will identify the name of your business and describe the market size, potential, and main competitors. Next, you will describe the unique selling proposition (USP) and your business concept/idea. After that, you will complete the Target Market Info section of the plan, which is adapted from Chapter 6 of Start Your Own

Adventure Works Marketing Plan



Launch Plan:

Part I

[Student Name]

Email: [Email Here]

Business: [Business or Website Here]

Badge Tick1 outline[Logo Name]

BUS599 Business Launch Plan: Part I

Business Background 2
Business Concept 3
Target Market Info 4

Business Background

Business Summary

Your business name: Identify 2 possible choices for your business name and input them below.



Market size: Research your industry and input the total yearly sales in dollars.

Market potential for your business: Input the percentage of the market you are targeting.

Main competitors: Input the top 3 competitors for your business.




Business Concept

Unique selling proposition (USP): Describe your USP in the box below.

Remember, your USP is what sets you apart from your competitors. It is why customers would buy from you vs. them and is important for properly positioning your brand.

Describe your business concept/idea.

What will your product/service be used for?

Where are similar concepts used and sold?

Target Market Info

What places do your prospects go for recreation?

Where do your prospects do their shopping?

Provide demographic information about your ideal customer (age, gender, income, education, etc.).

Describe your target audience needs, goals, or motivations.

What is your target audience looking for in a product or service?

What can you offer them? (Think meeting their needs.)

Note: If you would like to tailor this assignment to better match your current business goals and position, please contact your professor to discuss.

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