Business Plan Please choose a business venture and develop a business plan for starting that business. Conduct analysis, prepare, research, and present the

Please choose a business venture and develop a business plan for starting that business. Conduct analysis, prepare, research, and present the business plan / written paper and a PowerPoint presentation. The gist of this assignment will require students to evaluate all aspects of a business from the initial idea to preparing the business plan to the presentation of the project.

Two-part assignment:

1) Prepare a written paper (or use business plan format), to include an introduction, body of the paper, and a conclusion. Include, a title page with a running head & page numbers, size 12 pt, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, include a reference page using more than one source to back up where you gathered information. *No first person should be utilized in the paper.

2) Prepare a business plan PowerPoint presentation consisting of at least 10 slides. You will need to have an introductory slide to begin and a reference slide to the end. Use student notes at the bottom of your slides to reveal the information that you would like to share concerning your slide topics. 

Below is a link to the directions and guidance for the business plan and PowerPoint and a link to APA formatting (APA is not required for this assignment but you may choose to submit a written paper instead of following the business plan format).

BA 600 Entrepreneurship Business Plan and PowerPoint Directions

Page 752 of your textbook has an excellent business plan outline that you might choose to follow. The plan is broken down and explained on pages 753-771.

Or the Small Business Association has some excellent examples of business plans that you could follow:
Write your business plan (

Use the information below as a guide to follow when completing the written business plan and the PowerPoint presentation.

-Students may work in teams (or they can choose to do the business plan individually)

You will be creating a business plan. If you are on a team, appoint a chairperson in your group to take notes. Discuss what you want to include in your business to meet the wants/needs of your target market.

What type of business would be successful. Is it determined by your location? Are you globally competitive?

Research/review a business in a similar industry so that you can do a comparison in your paper and know how to get started. Write the references to all of your sources and put them in your paper.

SLIDES for PowerPoint

1) Name it (be creative) Introduce your company and your team

2) Vision-Where are we going-Don’t use a bullet on a single text item

3) Mission Statement-Tells who you are/how you are going to get where you are going. You should be able to state this aloud…not have to read it.

4) Goals/Objectives-should be measurable. Brief history of why you want this company. Tell who your company is and what it stands for.

5) Include in your business plan and PowerPoint slides:

Create a list of items you will sell—include prices. Create a list of other items/services that you will offer according to the needs assessment that you discussed-what items would sell well?

Identify your market. What does your target market want/need? How do you find out—(do a survey) —-put the results in your paper.

Your market and sales strategy for your company

Complete a SWOT analysis

Describe any necessary or special licenses that might be required.

Create a menu or a brochure.

You may choose to create a website link.

6) Hours of operation-are you open during the summer? Christmas? Fall and Spring breaks? Weekends? Year around?

7) Provide an Organizational Chart showing all positions.

8) List job descriptions of each position. Include benefits. How you plan to keep the books, market and manage this business. Include the number of hours they will work.

9) Optional (for teams): Provide a projected one year financial statement with the budget. Include the following in your PowerPoint and your paper: Projected Balance Sheet, Projected Income Statement, and a Projected Statement of Cash Flow. All will be 12 months forward. Don’t forget to include rent and utilities.

10) Include the amount of start-up money that you will be requesting (if any) from the Small Business Association in your presentation and your paper, this should be one quarter of your projected annual budget. Be prepared to share how you plan to utilize this amount of money.

The business plan / paper will detail your company. Include in your paper “Outcomes Assessment”: how will you be able to assess/evaluate your company after one year of existence to prove that you met your goals/objectives.

*The presentation should not be longer than 20 minutes if presenting on main campus.

It will look good on your resume that you were involved in developing a presentation for applying entrepreneurial ideas for starting a business.

Additional items to consider

In addition to these guidelines you will need to contact city hall in the town that you plan to open your business and inquire about city tax, license, permits, incorporation, etc. that your business might need to begin operation.

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