C++ Program

C++ Program

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 Program 1:  Shipping Fees

The Acme Company sells Widgets at $2.00 each.  A customer has the following options for shipping:

  1. Ground Delivery:  7 to 10 days          $  5.00
  2. Express Delivery:

    3.  2 days                                             $ 10.00
    4.  Overnight                                       $ 20.00

Write a program using the steps in the lecture titled “Even More Algorithm Practice” from this module.
Be sure to do the following:

  1. Prompt the User for how many Widgets they wish to purchase.
  2. Error check the input to make sure that it’s not zero.
    1. Use an outer IF/ELSE where the IF is used to display an error message if the input is zero and the ELSE is used for steps 3 through 12 below and for printing the receipt.
  3. Prompt the User for the delivery option.
  4. Compute the sub-total cost of the Widgets.
  5. Compute sales tax on the sub-total cost of the Widgets.  Use 8%.
  6. Compute the total cost of the Widgets.
  7. Determine the delivery cost.
    1. Use an IF/ELSE structure to determine Ground or Express fee. 
    2. Nest an inner IF within the Express option to determine the 2 day or overnight fee.
  8. Once the shipping fee has been selected, add it to the total cost of the Widgets. 
  9. Format all dollar amounts with two decimal places and add a dollar sign to each one.
  10. Format the sales tax with two decimal places.
  11. Only print out the receipt if the number of widgets is valid.
  12. Print out the receipt showing the following:

Number of Widgets:
Sub-Total Cost:
Sales Tax:
Sub-Total with Tax:
Shipping Fee:
Total Cost:

You will also need to do the following for the prologue section:

  1. Create an initial algorithm of the basic steps.
  2. Develop the refined algorithm from the initial algorithm.

Be sure to include with your program as documentation: 

  1. The Program Prologue
  2. The Input data
  3. The Output data
  4. Any Formulas you may have.
  5. The Initial Algorithm
  6. The Refined Algorithm
  7. Line-by-line documentation within the body of code.
  8. The code to pause your output screen.


  • DO NOT use the “return” code, end, break, continue, or exit to force an exit from within your IF/ELSE structure.

    • Let the program progress to the end of the main function. 
    • The end of the main function is the only place that the “return” should be placed. 
    • A switch statement is the only place that the break command should be placed.

1.  Declare all variables within the data declaration section of each class and method.  (-5)
2   Do not get input on the same line as a variable declaration.  (-5)
3.  Do not place an equation for computation on the same line as declaring a variable.  (-5)
4.  Do not place an equation for computation on the same line as input.  (-5) 

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