Case Analysis Based on your reading of the Solome Tibebu case, sketch out a preliminary but coherent business model canvas for each of the three businesses

 Based on your reading of the Solome Tibebu case, sketch out a preliminary but coherent business model canvas for each of the three businesses she considered (Whole Teens, Tools for Schools, Cognific). 

Based on your analysis, what is the most attractive opportunity for Tebebu to pursue? Why? What are the risks arising from the strategy you recommend she adopt; and how might she mitigate those risks? 

Case Template

Case #

Please provide your analysis in a memo with the following three headings (no executive summary is required):

Section 1: Current Situation and Recommendation

<<Begin by clearly stating your position on the case question. Write a couple of lines to introduce/summarize the case problem and the analysis that has led you to your recommendation. >>

Section 2: Analysis using appropriate framework(s)

<<Check the case question to identify the required frameworks that need to be used for your analysis. Conduct a thorough analysis using appropriate framework(s). Identify critical issues, analyze and support them with proper arguments. Identify key factors underlying critical issues. Provide reference to specific data or facts when necessary to support the analysis. Be sure to logically and persuasively connect how the analysis you have done leads to your recommendation in Section 1. To manage space, the tabulated framework can be placed in an appendix (which does not count against the page limit) and the arguments drawn from the analysis using the framework should be placed in the body of the memo>>

Section 3: Implementation and risk mitigation

<<How do you suggest the firm should implement your recommendation? Please propose an action plan that translates your recommendations into a coherent and achievable set of activities that take into account the organizational context in which the firm operates. What problems do you expect may arise as a result? What steps should the firm take now and, in the future, to pre-emptively mitigate the negative repercussions of following through with your recommendation? Be sure to make realistic assumptions and clearly state the assumption you are making in your analysis. >>

Additional Guidelines:

· The expected page length of the memo is two pages. Under no circumstances, should the memo (excluding the Appendix) exceed three pages. The Appendix does not count against the page limit. You can use the appendix to provide additional details on frameworks used in your analysis. So, for example, the appendix can be used to include the business model canvas, SWOT analysis etc., without counting against the page limit. .

· Do not forget to proofread your analysis for typos and errors


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