Case Study answer Rewrite the following sentences by either (A) replacing the underlined Conversational Words with Academic Essay Word choices OR (B) redra


Rewrite the following sentences by either (A) replacing the underlined Conversational Words with Academic Essay Word choices OR (B) redrafting the whole sentence without using the underlined words.

Studies show that lots of kids can’t read because they play video games in their free time instead of reading.

So, graduating from college will be awesome because of what I had to go through.

Well, the author really did a good job of showing you why his opinion is true.

There are lots of cool things in the Amy Tan’s article, “Mother Tongue.”

Why do the cops have to always assume young black kids are kind of dangerous when they’re not doing nothing bad?

The idea for Jason’s new movie is based off of his time growing up in today’s society.

I meanthere is a real problem with cops wanting to shoot you when it isn’t right to do it.

While it is cool to make people think you are smart, anyways it’s not cool to not ask questions when you really don’t understand all the stuff your teacher

This was the best idea to make cookies since it’s my awesome birthday, and I’m only going to be 21 once.

Well, all people in today’s world should know how to use a computer to get their stuff done.

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