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Final Paper

This paper must be 4-6 pages, typed (12 pt font), double-spaced, reference page should be attached. You should have consulted at least 5 sources with at least 4 scholarly sources. (Suggestion: start with some of the references the authors of our text, Doctors West and Turner, cite in their text on your subject and read the original article/book for more depth.) Scholarly sources are from peer reviewed journals or text books. Popular press (like RedBook or Reader’s Digest or most on-line sources) are not scholarly. In text citations are required for cited materials, quotations, and paraphrases.

The paper should be an examination of something that impacts families and their interaction/communication. This can be anything from dealing with in-laws to the impact of drug addiction to the changes inherent when the kids become teenagers. The range is huge! If you are considering a topic but afraid it is off target, please ask me.

Pages should be numbered in the upper right-hand corner. There should be section headings as seen below.

The basic layout should be:

what are you discussing and why is it important?

Review of literature:
what do the “experts” say about it? Are there scholarly articles and what do they contain? How has the subject been studied before?

Show me how you see it working. You can use real families or fictional families (from tv or movies work well if you don’t want to use real people).

Wrap it all up. Provide a summary and discussion of what you have learned.

Reference page:
use either MLA or APA format and list sources alphabetically by the author’s last name. If you need help with style, the OWL at Purdue is an excellent place to check. You can also visit our writing center in the library.

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