CORI Lesson Plan

CORI Lesson Plan

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Concept Oriented Reading Instruction

Please use the link below to read about the Concept Oriented Reading Instruction (Links to an external site.)

Please view the video on the CORI strategy for reading comprehension (Links to an external site.)

CORI Video Resource (Links to an external site.)

Review the information on the Concept Oriented Reading Instruction 

Choose any lesson plan format that you would like to use to create a lesson plan using the CORI elements and information from the videos,  website information, and powerpoint (video based).

You can use a standard of whatever grade Kindergarten-6th grade. Make sure you have the standard, grade level, observation, questioning(what you want them to know about the lesson), In-depth reading(books, literature, links, magazines, videos, poetry), collaboration(group discussion; peer review), and writing and communicating(summarize, portfolios, pictures, journal, you are basically comparing and contrasting). please give choices so the students are allowed to choose which assignment they wan to do. 

*The children must have choices to choose from*

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