CPH See attached document for details. Please see topic for assignment highlighted in yellow. Research Paper and PowerPoint Presentation Objective This

See attached document for details. Please see topic for assignment highlighted in yellow.

Research Paper and PowerPoint Presentation


This Course Project gives you the opportunity to select a relevant healthcare topic with legal and/or ethical implications and analyze it in greater depth in a written format. The Research Paper should critically analyze the issues related to the topic within the context of the current healthcare environment. The PowerPoint presentation is a visual technology tool to support a live presentation to a specific group of stakeholders (e.g., leadership team, board of directors, community and public interest group, etc.). Both web references and professional journals should be considered as references. Don’t overlook the Keller Online Library as an important source of information for your Research Paper.

See a more detailed grading rubric below.

The Course Project has two deliverables due in Week 7.

1. Research Paper: The length of the Research Paper should be approximately five to seven pages, double-spaced in MS Word and include a minimum of six references in APA format.

2. PowerPoint Presentation: The length of the PowerPoint Presentation should be approximately 10–15 slides with relevant speaker’s notes and include a minimum of three audio-visual components (e.g., audio narratives can be embedded in images, figures, tables, audio links with/or without video, etc.). Follow these guidelines to create your PowerPoint Presentation.

· Include a cover slide with course number, course title, title of PowerPoint Presentation, your full name, and date.

· Title of Presentation: Course Project: PowerPoint Presentation

· Insert headers or titles or subtitles on each slide.

· Insert page and slide number.

· Keep it simple but engaging. Use appropriate images and graphics to illustrate and complement your presentation.

· Number of slides: 10–15 slides

· Complete a minimum of three of the 10–15 PowerPoint slides with an audio or visual component to present, explain, and bring to life your presentation. Show enthusiasm and speak with proper volume and inflection to maintain audience interest and attention.

Possible Course Project Topics

Possible Course Project Topics

1. Analyze the recent legislation outlining minimum safe staffing standards for healthcare organizations; suggest follow-up strategies.

Note: Other topics related to course content and COs will be considered but only as approved in advance by your instructor.

Research Paper Grading Rubric

· Introduce the issue.

· Define the problem.

· Search the literature.

· Analyze the problem.

· Offer possible solutions.

· Propose a single solution.

· Develop an implementation plan.

· Justify why and how if your solution will solve the identified problem.

· Your paper must include, but is not limited to, the following sections:






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