Current Event Article 5 Homework: Current Event Article 5
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Homework: Current Event Article 5
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It is the last time to research another current event article that is relevant to the discussions regarding the MEEC industry. It is important to keep up with what is happening in the real world.

Research industry publication(s) for current events and issues in the meetings and event industry
Share with the class what you read about
Paraphrase and provide a summary of the news article.
Include the source, title of the article and date of publication
Seek out topics related to exhibiting and trade shows
Below are a list of some publications in which you can find some current event articles. If you click on each publication name, you will be taken to their websites.
Exhibitor Magazine (Links to an external site.)
Trade Show Executive (Links to an external site.)

Discussion Comments:

Create quality posts that advance the MEEC Industry topic and add substance to the course.
Please proofread your post before submitting for grammatical and spelling errors. Please do not use abbreviations. Spell words out completely.

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