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QD1 How can you guarantee validity and feasibility in your research study with a mixed method? 

QD2. Which intervention are you going to implement in your clinical experience? Why? 

QD3.    Upon examination of the genitalia of a newborn baby boy, you document the following: urethral opening on dorsal surface of penis, undescended testicles, right inguinal hernia, and small opening of the abdomen with an outpouching of pink tissue at the symphysis pubis.

  1. What does this documentation indicate?
  2. What major issue needs to be addressed with the baby’s family?

QD4.  A kindergarten teacher at the public school where you work as a health care provider comes to you with a 5-year-old girl from her class. The teacher tells you that she is concerned about this girl because she has noticed poor eating and drinking habits, weight loss, and no apparent growth. The teacher tried to contact the parents to discuss her concerns, but they never returned her phone calls or the notes she sent home with the little girl. Further, this girl has often been late to class or missed whole days of school with no explanation from her parents as to why. You examine the child and notice that the child has a potbelly, is emotionally withdrawn, and is very passive.

  1. What are your concerns for this child?
  2. Because the parents seem uninterested, what approach would you take in attempting to get the parents to be proactive in this child’s health care?
  3. If the parents do not return your persistent phone calls, what is your responsibility to the health care of this child?

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