Discussion And Reply To One Student Research project manager’s positions and please post the following. Please do not copy and paste from websites. Find

Discussion And Reply To One Student


Research project manager’s positions and please post the following. Please do not copy and paste from websites.

  1. Find  three different job postings in the area you live in for a Project  Manager. What are the items in the three job ads that are the same? Are  there any major differences? Also, look up how much a project manager  earns in your area.  
  2. In your opinion was any of the information that you uncovered in your search interesting or surprising? 

Austyn Andrew Raines

RE: Project Management Positions

Hello professor and classmates,

I hope everyone is doing great this week. I cannot believe it is already Week 10! Only one more week to go!

The three job postings for a project manager in my vicinity were all identical in their responsibilities. Firstly, they are accountable for planning and overseeing projects. Likewise, they should guarantee that the projects are completed within the required time and budget. Other responsibilities include; monitoring project progress and preparing budgets. Furthermore, the qualifications were all identical. A project manager necessitates a Bachelor’s degree in business and computer science. They should also have several work experience years, about five to eight years in the relevant work line, advancing increasing responsibility. They should also be detail-oriented, possess good communication skills, understand evaluating projects through the entire life cycle, and complete projects within the outlined scope.

Despite the similitudes, they were several differences in their preferences. Multiple project managers opted to pursue a project management professional certification-PMP and get the certification, while others just had a Bachelor’s degree. Additionally, they must pass an exam, partake in continuing professional development education, a substantial number of hours of education in project management, and a specific number of hours running and conducting projects. Furthermore, their earnings varied where senior project managers earned more than junior project managers.

The salary for project managers in my area is between forty-six thousand to one hundred and seven thousand dollars annually based on the area of expertise (Malachi-pines et al., 2007). IT project manager makes eighty-eight thousand dollars, which was the highest, followed by senior project managers who earn eighty-five thousand dollars, the assistant project manager who earns fifty-three thousand dollars, and finally the project coordinator who earns a minuscule amount forty-nine thousand dollars.

In my opinion, organizations want the best project managers to have their projects function smoothly without flunking before a complete life cycle; therefore, they should guarantee that all the managers have experience of more than five years. Furthermore, there should be an amount gain in the project coordinator’s salary as they spend most of their time in the specialization field.

I enjoyed answering the discussion this week. I also appreciate you, professor, and your hard work and diligence in guiding us in this class. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!

Austyn Raines



Malach-Pines, A., Dvir, D.,& Sadeh, A.(2007, August). Project manager -project (PM-P)fit and project success.

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