Discussion Discussion: Reflect on your proposal writing process. Which areas did you find the most challenging? Which components were your strengths? Do yo

 Discussion: Reflect on your proposal writing process. Which areas did you find the most challenging? Which components were your strengths? Do you see yourself following through with this research, such as through a thesis or maybe a doctoral dissertation in the future? What did you learn from your writing process? 


Quality of Research

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Quality of Research

When conducting research, one perspective on evaluating the quality of a particular research paper is whether the research process, data collection, and analysis are performed well. The study conducted by a researcher may at times be misconceiving and not get the perfect expected outcome based on the desired data. Reserve based on quantitative, qualitative, or both types of analysis may still face errors or mistakes; hence, assessing the best suitable research method is key to founding one’s research. A research-based instance for getting textual or ideological data may not be suitable for quantitative analysis, ideal for numerical data.

In the research on the impact of dramatic play on children’s learning, social skills do not include the use of quantitative analysis. The type of data obtained from such as study allows for there to be a need for quantitative analysis. According to crewel evaluation criteria, quantitative evaluators are mainly concerned about the aspects related to analysis, reporting of results, and data collection. The research concept also follows and emphasizes the research process, which makes the quality of variables and the hypothesis for the data.

Qualitative standards in research are morally evaluated and considered depending on the emphasis raised and put in place by one as a researcher. In qualitative research, three perspectives come into play; procedures used in getting data from the space, the philosophy behind the reason for the study, and participation of the different aspects within the paper. The teacher has to collaborate fully with the children to get the most out of the research being conducted. The writing concerning the children’s views, outcome, and quality of analysis are critical in conducting qualitative analysis during a play. Hence, evaluating the type of research is essential in ensuring quality research is performed.


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