Discussion: Sexual Violence And Bystander Intervention For this Discussion, you view a video case in which the circumstances for a potential act of sexual

 For this Discussion, you view a video case in which the circumstances for a potential act of sexual violence are put in motion. You analyze the bystander behavior in the video and the possible effects of sexual violence on survivors and bystanders. 

 Review the Learning Resources on sexual assault, dating violence, and bystander intervention. Focus on the theories of bystander intervention described in the assigned journal articles.

Watch the Johnson Family video case study. Consider the behavior of the people in the video, paying particular attention to a bystander’s decision whether to intervene.

 Apply one bystander intervention theory to the behavior of those exhibited in the video. Then, describe a scenario in which a bystander could have influenced this scenario in a different way. Please use the Learning Resources to support your application of theory. 

Johnson Family Episode 1

Johnson Family Episode 1
Program Transcript

ERIC: Ladies, what’s going on?


ERIC: I’m Eric.

TALIA: Talia

SHERRY: Sherry.

ERIC: Excellent. So I know some good-looking guys looking for some good-

looking girls.

SHERRY: You do, huh?

ERIC: We’re throwing a party Saturday night, and invitation only. I want you guys

to come. Lots of booze. You like to dance?

TALIA: I love to dance.

ERIC: Me too. You should dance with me. You better come.

TALIA: All right.

ERIC: Both of you.

SHERRY: Thanks.

ERIC: I’ll see you then? All right, see you later.



TALIA: He’s hot.

SHERRY: You think?

TALIA: Oh, yeah. You gonna go?

SHERRY: Well, yeah, if you’re going to go.

TALIA: Yeah, I’m definitely gonna go.

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Johnson Family Episode 1

SHERRY: OK, then we’re going.

TALIA: OK, it’s settled.


ERIC: Hey, there. How you feeling?

I’m drunk.

ERIC: Yes, you are. Here, have some more.

TALIA: I need to lay down. I don’t feel so good.

ERIC: Oh, no. No, no, no. Not here.

TALIA: Take me home.

ERIC: It’s my frat party. I actually– I’ll tell you what. I’ll take you upstairs. You can

use my bed, OK?

TALIA: Sure.

ERIC: All right. Come on, Talia. I got you.

SHERRY: Talia. Hey, are you OK?

TALIA: I’m fine.

SHERRY: You sure? Do you want to go with him?

ERIC: It’s fine. She likes me. Don’t you?

TALIA: Uh-huh.

Johnson Family Episode 1
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