Epidemiology part 1

Epidemiology part 1

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Do your research on epidemiology research methods.

You are encouraged to choose research problems relevant to your own research interests and activities related to public health field of study.

Project Part 1

To help with the preparation, submit a one- to two-page outline containing the following headings, and include a summary of what will be discussed under each heading:

  • Research      Topic
  • Research      Goal(s).
  • Research      Question(s).
  • Study      Design (Choosing Epidemiology Research Method(s).
  • Include      one or more reference(s).

Find one to five relevant research articles which:

  • Support      the importance of your problem,
  • Discuss      previous work on epidemiology/modeling/analysis in the area, and

Scholarly articles can be found in databases such as JSTOR or ProQuest. At least three of your articles must be peer-reviewed, full-text articles from scholarly journals.

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