Establishing and Limiting Government

Establishing and Limiting Government

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In Discussion 1 we will be exploring the foundation of our American system of government including its democratic principles and the basic philosophy underlying the US Constitution.

To help you formulate an answer, be sure to review the Exploration for this Module, and Chapter 2 of your e-text, on The Constitution.

Outcomes 1, 2, 3


  • Please respond to the following questions completely:  If you were setting up your own government, how would you structure it so that the government doesn’t take away our inalienable rights?  The Founders found the answer in limits. They devised a government that established limits at every opportunity.  What do you believe those limits that are placed upon the government should be?   Please be specific in your response and explain why.

criteria: 1.  All parts of the original discussion questions are answered; several reasons or examples are provided in support of the response; the initial post is a minimum of 150 words or more. 

2. The student demonstrated an excellent understanding of the concepts in the module; at least 3 textbook and/ or lecture concepts were incorporated and cited in their responses. 

3.  Writing represents correct college-level English, grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout the discussion, and APA citation is correct. 

here’s how to cite the video for the module exploration:  Films Media Group. (2010). The Constitution and foundations of government. Films On Demand. Retrieved October 10, 2021, from 

Link to video to help with this discussion: <iframe height=’530′ frameborder=’0′ style=’border:1px solid #ddd;’ width=’660′ src=’′ allowfullscreen allow=”encrypted-media”> </iframe>

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