Family problem 1} Decide on a family problem/concept:
      Domain 4. Activity/Re Health Care and Life Sciences

1} Decide on a family problem/concept:
      Domain 4. Activity/Rest
      Class 1. Sleep/Rest

2} Rate the problem using the Omaha System Problem Rating Scale for Outcomes

3} Create a table to show how you arrived at the rating of the problem.

4} Plan an intervention based on the family problem Activity/Rest: Sleep/Rest

5} Create a teaching plan in table format using the nursing process which includes 4 columns
          1. Assessment of family with problem identified.
          2. Nursing Diagnosis (using NANDA nursing diagnosis)  diagnosis/#what_is_a_nursing_diagnosis
          3.Expected outcomes defined using time oriented goals with one short term goal and one long term goal. e.g The family will…in on week, or one month or two months etc.
          4.Community nursing interventions using community resources.-state two (2) specific local community resources that the family can use
          5.How can the family connect or contact this community agency/resource
        6.Discuss what you will tell the family how the community agency/resource can assist them with a problem that they are experiencing.

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