Final Capstone Project – PepsiCo, Inc.–2018

Final Capstone Project – PepsiCo, Inc.–2018

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1. A compilation of the written analyses is simply the starting point for this project and not sufficient for the entire project. 

(Implement) Excel sheet attached. Please note:  I can fill out the spreadsheet. I included it to give you an idea although it may be easier for you. I just really need the research done in word doc. 

  1. Introductory Statement
  2. Executive Statement
  3. Mission Statement/ vision
  4. IFE Matrix and Analysis
  5. EFE Matrix and Analysis
  6. CPM Matrix and Analysis
  7. Internal/External Matrix and Analysis
  8. SWOT
  9. SPACE Matrix and Analysis
  10. QSP Matrix and Analysis

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