Help Me With My Homework Format: 2-3 pages, Times New Roman, 12-pt font, 1-inch margins (all sides), double-spaced! Citations should be in a consistent,

2-3 pages, Times New Roman, 12-pt font, 1-inch margins (all sides), double-spaced!

Citations should be in a consistent, parenthetical format. Refer to this guide for help: citation guide.pdf

IMPORTANT: Please check your submission after uploading to make sure 1) it was the correct file and 2) the format of your file was readable. You are responsible for submitting the correct and readable file before the due date.

An example outline:
Disconnect Paper Example Outline.docx

Please use as an example. Most of the “quotes” are example sentences, but they do not link up or necessarily make perfect sense. It should still give you some idea of what’s expected.


Step One:
Set aside roughly 36 hours where you will completely disconnect from any and all forms of virtual communities and social media. Please plan ahead so that you are able to do this without complication. Virtual communities and social media includes all of the following: text messages, messenger apps, Facebook, Twitter, other social networking sites, the Internet, online apps, online games, email, forums, podcasts, live streaming, etc. Take notes on this experience, as necessary.

Tip: A simple way to do this might be to turn off the Wifi capability on your smart devices and laptops.

Step Two:
Write a 2-3 page analytical reflection paper

this experience. In the paper, (1)
focus on one effect

that you experienced as a result of disconnecting from virtual communities/social media. Be specific and describe this effect by sharing experiences in detail, providing concrete examples whenever possible! If you are not sure what qualifies as “an effect experienced from disconnecting,” see readings from the first five weeks of class–any of these theories and concepts could be things that you experienced.

In this part of the paper, the reader should be able to visualize your experience and see what the effect was like. This may, therefore, require that you take some detailed notes of your experience during your 36-hour disconnect. Think about specific events, occurrences, feelings, emotions, thoughts, incidences, engagements, etc. that were significant in your 36 hours and retell that story with some level of analytical detail. This is similar to an ethnographic account of key stories/events during those 36 hours.

After providing this deep description, then (2)
relate this/these event(s) to one of the assigned readings
from the first five weeks of class. Connect your experience to a specific part of the reading by comparing and/or contrasting your experiences with what the reading is discussing. For example, you could answer the following question(s):

· How does the reading/concept deepen your understanding or interpretation of what you experienced?

· How does your experience challenge or deepen your understanding of the reading?

As you can tell from these questions, you can disagree with the reading’s perspective. The valuable thing about your connection to the reading should be discussing these similarities/differences between your experience and the reading/concept. You should try to “show off” here–either showing how the reading helps deepen your analysis of your own disconnect experience or showing how your experience deepens how you understand the reading’s concept.

Also, when you make the connection between your experience and the assigned reading, please be as specific as possible in this connection. This does not mean you have to quote from the reading (in fact, most of the time, a paraphrase is better than direct quoting), but a citation with a page number may be helpful to show that you are engaging specifically with a part of the reading (and not just the concept in general). The purpose of asking you to be specific is so that you will interrogate deeper connections and more specific analysis in your paper.

You will be graded on the level of specificity in describing your experience. You will also be graded on the level of insight, self-reflection, and meaningful connection you make to a specific part of the assigned reading(s). Of course, you only have 2-3 pages, so really think before you start writing and consider choosing just ONE effect you experienced as well as ONE specific aspect of the reading to focus your connection on.

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