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Frequency and Timeliness

Students should post on three different days with the initial post being within 48 hours of the discussion opening. You should first post your initial comments, then you should comment to at least two other students.  Comments should be about the topics, not simply a greeting.  I am grading on three high-quality posts as described below.


Ethics is defined as the “standard of moral behavior; that is, behavior accepted by society as right versus wrong”. The business I will be referring to, without naming anyone specific, has an integrity-based Code of Ethics. Their guidelines are laid out at the time of hiring, an environment is created to push employees, to be honest, and accountability is shared throughout the office. Overall, I find this company to be a very ethical company. Everyone is honest and held accountable the majority of the time. This business is a small business that deals with services for customers but also provides goods to the same customers. When I think of them being socially responsible, I think of when all this Covid stuff started happening. In my opinion, everyone was taking it very seriously, it was not something to be taken lightly or messed with. Now that we are two years in, people may be more laid back about it. There was a time, recently, that several employees tested positive for the illness. They were all part of the outside crew, so the office, typically, had little to no interaction with them. I can see how the higher-ups did not think to mention it to us in the office, but in my opinion, we should have been informed. We were only informed once it spread throughout the office, as well. That was a lack of respect that they were socially responsible for. With the quarantine time covid comes with, I believe paid sick days are an important part of an employee’s time. This company also required their staff to take the required time off, without sick days. I can’t imagine trying to make ends meet or reach goals when hours are cut like that.


I have worked in the property management field for almost thirteen years. This can be a tough industry for some people because at times you have the livelihood of another in your hands. You also on a daily basis deal with many different personalities from residents and customers. Having ethics and leadership is very important in this industry. I have worked for many great companies over the years but there is one company, in particular, that was not ethically responsible. A particular manager needed to read pages 94 and 95 when it talks about some managers think ethics as being a personal matter and that they are not responsible for an individual’s misdeeds. I find this to be untrue. Managers are the people that employees look to with leadership, questions, concerns, etc. I guess you could say they should “lead by example.” When you have a manager that may lie, steal or cheat the employees underneath that manager tend to lose morale.  With that being said the corporate office would overlook mistakes and mishaps she would make because she was an older woman and they were afraid of repercussions if they terminated her.  In my opinion, it should matter the age of someone if they are doing wrong and bringing other employees down with them. There were several jobs terminated during my time with that company for the exact things that this manager was doing. How ethical is that? It’s not! The company may have had a code of ethics but in my opinion, it wasn’t either compliance-based or integrity-based. As a matter of fact, it was the complete opposite of the two. 

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