IT Python

IT Python

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This is the flower box and it should at the beginning of each assignment
# You must add comments to your code
# Program name :
# Student Name : Ymmas Azaba
# Course : ENTD220
# Instructor : My Instructor
# Date : Any Day

# Description : This code will …..

# Copy Wrong : This is my work

You are going to enhance the prior assignment by doing the following:-

1) Create a function for each math operation (add, div, mult, sub)
2) The application will run forever, you will ask the user to continue or not.3) create a function IsinRange() to test a value between two ranges like this;Here is the spec in pseudo codeIsInRanhe(lr, hr, n) lr=low rangehr=high rangen=numberif n between ln and hnreturn trueelsereturn false

Hints 1) For practice please see lab exercises in the lesson section
2) See Sample output for messagesSample output

Enter your Lower range —> 10
Enter your Higher range —> 20
Enter your First number —> 15
Enter your Second number —> 17

The Result of 15.0+17.0=32.0
The Result of 15.0-17.0=-2.0
The Result of 15.0*17.0=255.0
The Result of 15.0/17.0=0.882352941176

Continue Looping Y/N Y

Enter your Lower range —> 20
Enter your Higher range —> 30
Enter your First number —> 25
Enter your Second number —> 50

  • The input values are out side the input ranges
  • Please check the numbers and try again
  • Thanks for using our calculator

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