JO#(10)-207777 Please download 5 files This course is “Operations Management For Competitive Advantage”. Please answer the following questions and strictly

Please download 5 files

This course is “Operations Management For Competitive Advantage”. Please answer the following questions and strictly follow the requirements of “Guidelines for weekly Journals” in the PDF file.

Be sure to read the documents in PDF 1 and PDF 2 before answering

200-250 words for each question

The most important grading requirement is: 10 pts

Easy to read entries reflect readings or research done well, are comprehensive, use personal examples and references when used, and relate directly to questions.

Week 10: The next competitive advantage

Please read the “1” pdf and answer the following questions

CSR and competitive advantages

Please research the following questions and provide evidence to support your answers. (PDF 1 page 15)

1. Explain the poverty tax. Do we have it in the U.S.? How can we get rid of it with the lessons we learned in OM?

2. What are the operational challenges for companies like Warby Parker and Toms Shoes in their charity efforts? How would you identify the needs then deliver products to meet these needs?

3. Do you have an idea of doing good while doing well? How can you make it feasible?

Reference video given by professor

Warby Parker co-founders on their business vision


Carbon Neutral FlockDirect

Please answer by reading the course description and zip file

· Inventyory

The culminating assessment is your instrument for gathering evidence that students have achieved the course purpose… It should be culminating in the sense that it provides an opportunity for students to “put it all together.” Ideally, it should reflect an authentic practice of the discipline.*

4. What is your culminating experience for this course? Did you learn something new? And useful? And how would this course help you in your future endeavors?

Please answer based on the zip file and the following course description

Introduction of this course:

Course description

This course focuses on managing the activities involved directly in the creation of products and services such as design, production, and distribution of goods and services from raw materials, suppliers, plants, and retail channels to returns processing and customer service. It provides managers with the skills and tools to analyze, optimize, and improve production processes for competitive advantage. Key topics include value creation, product and service design, manufacturing processes, quality management, capacity planning, inventories, order fulfillment, reverse logistics, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

Operations management oversees the entire range of activities for efficient and effective delivery of an organization’s products or services to its customers. It uses resources available to managers to build an integrative process to unite all the people, money, materials, information, and technology involved. It also looks for ethical and innovative ways to solve problems firms encounter in the making goods or rendering services. Through an introduction to the history of production and service management, this course exposes the students to a business environment where all the operational functions are geared toward achieving excellence, adding value, and satisfying customers. Theories, concepts and applications of operations management are introduced to help understand some of the complicated issues faced by today’s managers. Real-life cases and exercises are used to engage the students in active learning and to give them a realistic, hands-on experience.

Course/Learning objectives

· Understand the analytical tools and the main concepts of operations management—including fundamental theories, performance measures, production processes, quality management, resource management—and how they can be applied in general management in an ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable manner to improve the productivity of an enterprise. (Evidence: Present and explain key concepts effectively with tools and examples.)

· Apply the main principles of operations management to improve strategic actions to achieve competitive advantages and meet the organization’s triple bottom line objectives (environmental, social, and economic sustainability). (Evidence: Document and analyze a case study, complete a project applying lessons learned, or participate in a meaningful professional discourse.)

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