Judaism – concept of Salvation Judaism and their concept of salvation.

“I want your research Religion / Theology

Judaism and their concept of salvation.

“I want your research to incorporate one of the three religions (Judaism) and your research must address one of the topics for that religion (salvation) . You must show what the doctrine of the religion is regarding the selected topic (salvation/holy scripture/Heaven).

3 page-body 60 points

5 sources – 40 points


1. Font: Times New Roman or Arial only

2. Size 12 ONLY

3. 3 pages double spaced

4. A separate Works Cited page (Works Cited is not included in the 3 required pages). You must follow either MLA citation format.

5. Sources: 5 are required. The sources must come from a written source (Book/Article/Journal. No Internet sources such as websites or blogs will be accepted. I will accept online journals and online books. Google Books have both. Do not cite the Website, cite the book. Sources are required to be cited within the body of the text.

Grammar: I expect college-level grammar. Improper grammar such as incomplete sentences, capitalization errors, using the first person (I, me, myself, we, us) and the second person (you, he, she, it, your, they) will be marked done as much as 2 points each.

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