L8A36 Use that information attached and prepare a line item budget to accomplish your goals and objectives. Be sure to suggest ways in which funds could b

 Use that information attached and prepare a line item budget to accomplish your goals and objectives.  Be sure to suggest ways in which funds could be acquired to implement it. 

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The intent of developing the human service program is to curb the challenge that numerous people face when accessing quality and safe healthcare. Families who struggle financially find it challenging to access quality medical care services and the prescribed drugs needed. There is a high rate of depression and suffering among these families. In addition, due to their lack of finances, these families struggle with prolonged illnesses. The mission statement for this program will be, “We value the society, and we strive to provide safe, quality, and affordable health care services to all members of the society equally through advanced and innovative technology.”

The primary goal for the program will be to offer quality, satisfactory and safe health care services to low-income families. Poverty has affected the administration of quality healthcare to people in many ways. Some of the measurable objectives that would ensure that the program attains its goals are to offer more jobs to low-income families, so they are able to pay and receive the medical treatment and drugs they need. Another is by offering a government medical fund that provides insurance covers that are affordable to low-income families. This will ensure that they receive the medical services they require and medications at affordable rates for everyone (Benjamin, 2018).

Some of the activities and services that would be helpful include the program developing an affordable insurance cover. The program will collaborate with the government to ensure that the coverage is open to all citizens. The program will also work hand in hand with the government to ensure that individuals over the age of 18 have manual jobs where they can generate a decent income. This will ensure that millions of families have access to the health care services they require.


Benjamin, L. M., Voida, A., & Bopp, C. (2018). Policy fields, data systems, and the performance of nonprofit human service organizations. Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance, 42(2), 185-204.

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