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  4 pages 4 references check the attachment

Sutter Davis Hospital in the module’s readings, along with  supplement these with Marketline and/or other financial and/or industry reports.

· 4 pages and 4 references check the attachment mini-case study paper

· Briefly introduce the issues of      the case. Do not spend a lot of space on the      history, development, and growth of the organization over time. We have      all read the organization’s Baldrige material.

· Conduct a SWOT analysis:

· Identifytheorganization’sinternal       strengthsand weaknesses;

· Identify       theopportunitiesandthreatsinthe external environment surrounding the       organization; and

· Identify what appears to be       the strategy pursued by the organization and assess whether it fits       effectively with the organization’s SWOT factors.

· Analyze the innovation status      of the organization, considering all of the following:

· Product innovation       (introduction of a new or improved good or service in either       characteristics or use);

· Process innovation       (installation of a new or significantly improved method for production or       delivery, including techniques, equipment and/or software);

· Marketing innovation       (utilization of a new marketing method with a significantly different       design or packaging, product placement, product promotion or pricing [the       4 P’s]);

· Organizational innovation       (modification to the organization’s business practices, workplace       organization or external relations in such a way as to influence       competitive advantage); and

· The barriers to innovation and       the strategies the organization used to overcome them and their       effectiveness.

· Assess the economic      consequences of the organization’s innovations and overall strategy:

· Upon organizational       performance; and

· For various stakeholders of       the organization.

· Respond to any issues and      questions:

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