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Leadership Style Paper

Course Name: Leadership and Issues in Nursing

Course Number: NM480


Understand the importance of leadership characteristics in quality improvement processes in a health care setting and the impact nursing leadership has on measurable patient outcomes (Learning Objective 5).


Leadership is a very important part of being a professional nurse and understanding the various leadership traits and qualities will aid in being an effective nursing leader. In this paper the student will choose two leadership styles and compare and contrast the various elements of the leadership styles. The student will also discuss the impact the chosen leadership style has on the interaction the nurse leader has within the multidisciplinary team at various health care settings. The student will discuss how the chosen leadership styles impact patient outcomes.

Leadership Styles Examples:

1. Transformational Leadership

2. Autocratic

3. Democratic

4. Laissez-faire

5. Situational

6. Affiliative

7. Coaching

8. Transactional

**These are only a few leadership styles**

Paper Requirements (200pts):

1. Length and elements: The paper length will be 5 pages maximum (do NOT go over the page limit), double spaced and typed (this does not include your title page, abstract, or references page). You must include a cover sheet with the title of your paper and your name. After the cover page (but before the body of the paper) you must include an abstract, which is a brief, comprehensive summary of the paper, no longer than 120 words. Finally, references should be listed on a separate page after the body of the paper. Margins should be no wider than 1″. Please number your pages.

2. Number of references: Your paper should include a minimum of 5 references. Appropriate sources include: (a) research articles from scientific journals (not popular articles such as Psychology Today and Omni) (b) books (but not encyclopedias or textbooks). I want you to use sources that have strong evidenced based support. You must be able to cite your source according to APA formatting.

3. Appearance: All final papers should be submitted to the assignment center on Canvas and sent through Turn-It-In with only 20% similarity.

4. See Rubric for additional paper requirements.


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