Literature Review 730

Literature Review 730

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Review: Criminal Justice Leadership Assignment




This assignment is derived from the subject matter in the
Learn material, the overall construct of leadership, and/or the concepts of
criminal justice leadership. Through this literature review, knowledge
will be developed based on a synthesis of research.



You will want
to explore current issues in criminal justice leadership and to highlight how
leadership practices in the field can be improved; based on the knowledge you
develop from the assigned reading. You may wish to spend some time
researching critical review techniques for journal articles prior to starting
this assignment. At a minimum, you should pay particular attention to the identification
of the premise and supporting points of the articles, a synthesis of the
articles, and a critical evaluation of the premise(s) supporting points, and/or
the competing points of the articles. 


The length of the assignment is required to be
5 to 7 pages.

The page count does not include the title
page, abstract, reference section, or any extra material.

formatting guidelines given for the literature review, including current APA
format, must be followed.

total of 8 to 11 recent (past 10 years) citations are needed.

sources include scholarly articles from the past 10 years.




Read: Kouzes & Posner: Chapters 1 – 2

Read: Kouzes , Posner & Maxwell : Chapters
1 – 2

Courthouse Chapter 8-9


Note: Your
assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. 


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