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Management (MGT) 4100

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Module 1 Discussion Instructions

The Module 1 Discussion is due no later than 06 February 2022.

Read the following article and participate in the class discussion. The overall class discussion is worth 10 points.

Kassel, M. (2020). The best ways to introduce new technology in the workplace. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-best-ways-to-introduce-new-technology-in-the-workplace-11583360051?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=5

Topics of Discussion Post

1. Describe one way that information technology can improve the sharing of knowledge.

2. Describe one ethical or legal challenge that comes from increasing an organization’s information technology footprint.

Full Credit for a Discussion (See grading rubric below):

· One initial discussion post due 02 February 2022 (Worth 4 points).

· Two discussion posts responding to two different classmates due 06 February 2022 (worth 3 points each).

· All discussion posts, initial and responses, will include a minimum of two paragraphs with a minimum of five sentences each.

· Each discussion post will include two references (in addition to the hyperlinked article and the course text) with supporting in-text citations, one supporting each paragraph.

· Content and reference lists will be formatted according to the American Psychological Association (APA) standard.

Grading Rubric for Case Study and Discussions











Submitted no later than due date/time identified in the Course Schedule.

Submitted after due date/time.



Thorough and relevant.

Less thorough but still substantial and relevant.

Adequate; relevance made clear.

Insufficient; relevance not always made clear.

Irrelevant, missing, or relies on assertion rather than research.



Distinct focus, substantial, and mature ideas that are well developed.

Clear focus and illustrative.

Adequate focus but more analysis needed.

Essay contains sufficient research information but not enough analysis or context.

Absence of focus or relevant content; content does not ‘fit’ purpose.



Active voice, precise sentence structure.

Mostly active voice; some variety in sentence structure.

Some passive voice; a lot of variety in sentence structure.

Several awkward and unclear sentences; problems with word choice.

No apparent control over sentence structure or word choice.




Free of grammatical and/or punctuation errors.

Few grammatical and/or punctuation errors.

Some grammatical and/or punctuation errors but mostly correct.

Grammar and/or punctuation errors that interfere with understanding,

Grammar and/or punctuation errors significantly interfere with understanding.

APA Formatting and References


All required references are documented; all references and in-text citations are in APA format.

All required references are documented, few APA formatting errors in references and in-text citations.

More than 90% of required references are documented; several APA formatting errors in references and in-text citations.

More than 75% of required references are documented; several APA formatting errors in references and in-text citations.

Less than 75% of required references are documented; significant APA formatting errors in references and in-text citations.

Table 1. Grading Rubric

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