Management Change Prompt Create a report to cover the pre-implementation and implementation phases of the change management plan in the course scenario. Re


Create a report to cover the pre-implementation and implementation phases of the change management plan in the course scenario. Refer to the Case for Change Guide questions to ensure relevant organizational data is considered.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Identify two key stakeholders or sponsor roles for the change process from the Singapore headquarters and the U.S. branch.
    • Refer to the Leaders’ Self-Evaluations document for additional context.
  • Discuss the significance of each stakeholder’s role in gaining buy-in, acceptance, and support for change across departments.
    • How can each stakeholder improve the change initiatives’ likelihood of success (for example, by acting as opinion leaders, connectors, counselors, and journalists)?
  • Identify strategic goals that align with the change management plan and provide rationale. Consider the following in your response:
  • Explain how improvements to organizational systems can ensure successful and sustained behavioral change.
    • Refer to the Exit Interviews to identify the areas of change.
    • What are the processes, procedures, or policies that need improvement?
    • How will these improvements impact the behavioral change of employees at the U.S. branch?
  • Recommend at least two enhancement strategies for team collaboration.
    • Refer to the Exit Interviews and Leaders’ Self Evaluations to identify the problems of team collaboration.
    • What are the reasons for lack of collaboration between team members across both locations of the organization?
    • How can an individual performer become a team player to improve team collaboration?
    • How should leadership behavior change to build trust?
  • Determine a change management model that can be used at the U.S. branch and provide justification.
    • Based on your evaluation of the challenges that the U.S. branch is currently facing, choose from the following change management models:
      • Kotter’s change management model, Lewin’s change management model, or ADKAR change management model
    • How would you use this model at the U.S. branch?
  • Describe the steps needed to implement the change management model at the U.S. branch. Support your response with research.
    • How would you mitigate and remove any roadblocks in the change management process?
    • What are your plans to deal with the impact of planned and/or unplanned changes and any contingencies?
    • What milestones need to be accomplished for change implementation to succeed?
    • How would you measure the success of your change management plan?

Submit your report as a 2 page Word document with 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

MBA 687 Milestone Two Case for Change Guide

The Case for Change Guide helps you as the HR consultant to lay out various factors that make the Change Management Plan an essential component of the Change Management Kit. This guide enables you to emphasize the sense of urgency for the Change Management Plan to be finalized.

The Case for Change Guide also acts as a checklist for the learners to ensure that they capture details regarding the level of organizational readiness for change, a review of leaders committed to change, an analysis of the workforce’s willingness and capability for change, including cross-cultural awareness factors, and any historical barriers to change from past planned or unplanned change management experiences.


Ensure that you include answers to the questions: How did we get here? Where are we now?

[Insert text.]

Urgency Factors and Risks With Not Taking Action

If you take action, what future problems can occur? Put yourself in your stakeholders’ and customer’s shoes: What will the consequences be if the desired goals are not reached?

[Insert text.]

Stakeholders Analysis and Impact

Sort each of your stakeholders into their appropriate types:

· List your opinion leaders

· List your connectors

· List your counselors

· List your journalists

· List your adversaries

[Insert text.]

Inside the Company

· What are the leaders committed to change?

· How would middle managers serve as a bridge between the senior leaders and the frontline staff?

· Are middle managers ready to take ownership of the proposed change?

· Is there a workforce willingness and capability for change?

· What are the cultural considerations in change readiness?

[Insert text.]

Outside the Company

Consider the inclusion of change implementation steps that will inspire customer confidence. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer—what will they like to see in terms of change events?

[Insert text.]


What are the conditions or resources that employees believe are needed for your program’s success and that you think already exist and will not be problematic?

[Insert text.]


Assess the scope of the change, including how significant is this change? How many people are affected? Is it a gradual or radical change?

[Insert text.]


What state or condition must exist for your initiative to work and does not currently exist (observable)? How would you mitigate and remove any roadblocks in the change management process?

[Insert text.]

Goals and Benefits of Taking Action

What do we hope to achieve? What are the benefits of making the change? What are the impacts of the changes, including both positive and negative possible unintended results of the change? Consider the organizational data available through the Exit Interviews; Leaders’ Self-Evaluations; U.S. Branch Overview; and Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals.

[Insert text.]


How urgently is the implementation of various changes required? Ensure that your plan has information on timelines.

[Insert text.]

Change Model

· Which change management model, from the course list, would you use for this company?

· How would you use the model for this company?

· Why did you select the identified model for change?

[Insert text.]

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