Map-Making Your Final – Discussion Board Week 07a Map-Making Your Final – Discussion Board As we continue our descent down the mountain let’s be mindfu

Week 07a Map-Making Your Final – Discussion Board

As we continue our descent down the mountain let’s be mindful that not only are we still hiking but also that we can see where we hiked before. Along the left side you will see the seven guiding principles for this course that we committed to bringing in each module through our course design and facilitation of this space. Attached below is a matrix for the course that allows us to grid map what we have covered in this course. You’ll see the five identities that we have taken up across the top including two additional identities that are often relevant for folks as part of their lives and this class. Remember for your final paper that you have to take up at least three of the five identities we covered in this class. You can also take up more than those three identities including these two, if you wish.

Over the next few modules, we will take one or two rows of this grid to fill in so that you can review your learning so far on our journey and to help you develop ideas and possibilities for your final paper. Your final paper is not to discuss every aspect of this course. You are not turning a completed grid of the course. Instead, on top of the grid, you will be able to draw out your own trail map of how you want to make sense of your learning from this course and make sense of your own stories as well. That is, you’ll pick which boxes matter most to the story you want to tell in the final paper and your job will be to write in a way that creates a trail through the grid.

Let’s get started!

Across the first row – acknowledging that we don’t know that we don’t know – what have you learned on our hike together that you didn’t know that you didn’t know before we started and that you want to make sure that you remember after the hike? Place these ideas into the identity columns that they fit under with some ideas potentially covering multiple identities.

Next, across the second row – what are the stories that you’ve unpacked in this course that you want to be sure to carry after our journey is done? Look to the Session Slides

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to find three slides with all the questions that we’ve asked you to tell stories around. Again, line up the stories in the identity column or columns that the stories take up.

Afterwards, reflect on what you have written down for what you have learned and the stories you have told. Looking at these rows should give you a sense of which identities you might write about for the final paper given what you were able to fill in. You might also realize that you have more work to do regarding those three identities (and remember again, at least three have to come from the five identities that we have discussed in class) to prepare for the final paper.

When you are ready, post at least one identity from what we have covered that you know you’re going to take up in your final paper, one thing that you have learned about that identity during our time together, and one story with that identity you want to include in your final paper. Read and respond respectfully to others.

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