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For your Unit 3 IP, in 5-7 pages, adhering to APA (7th edition template uploaded under Course Resources>Learning Material>Unit 1 for your use), address the below: Make sure to include a title page, an introduction/abstract and summary/conclusion, references, in-text citations etc..  The title and reference pages are not included in the 5-7 pages. 

  • Describe the value chain analysis methods that a firm might utilize to identify strategies to enhance organizational capabilities.
Instructor’s Comments:

Unit 3 Individual Project Grading Rubric


Demonstration and application of knowledge: 

  • Described the value chain analysis methods that a firm might utilize to identify strategies to enhance organizational capabilities.


Task Requirements: 5-7 pages of content 


Academic writing and format:  Proper grammar/punctuation/sentence structure (5 pts); 

Adhered to APA:  Included separate title page, separate reference page, in-text citations, at least 2-3 references; abstract/introduction, and summary/conclusion.  Double spaced, indented first line of each paragraph etc…(15 pts)


Late Penalty: if applicable





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Begin writing your paper here and continue the paper with an indent for each new paragraph. Remove the sample text and references when you write in your own content. If you are copying text into this template, use the paste option called Merge Formatting to ensure the copied text has the correct format.

This template is intended for Individual Project assignments. Although it is smart to compose Discussion Board assignments in Word and then copy them into the discussion board, you do not need to use APA formatting for discussion board assignments; simply citing your sources in the text and adding a reference at the end is sufficient. See the CTU APA Writing Style Guide, housed on the Writing Support Center, for details. When in doubt, consult with your instructor.

The references in this document are samples of common reference types. Visit the Writing Support Center for details on how to use APA Style for your assignment. Find the Writing Support Center in your classroom portal on the Learning Center or Library pages.

Headings are used to identify sections of a document. Start with heading level 1 and then use further headings if you need to sub-divide that section. Not all documents need headings. If you need to use headings in this document, use the Styles section in the Home ribbon to format the heading. Start a fresh line, click on the style you want, and type the heading text. It will automatically format the line to match the chosen heading level.


Author, B., & Authors, M. E. (2020, Fall). Article title from the journal in sentence case. Journal Name in Title Case, 43(2), 18-22.

Lastname, F. (2020). Book title: Subtitle in sentence case. Publisher Name.

Newspaper article title without an author. (2020, July 15). Newspaper Title in Title Case, A12.

Organization Author of Report or Website. (2020). Title of report in title case (Report No. 123). Title of the Website.

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