New York City Police Department Students are required to submit an Applied Paper evaluating : New Yo Law

Students are required to submit an Applied Paper evaluating : New York City Police Department

The primary objectives of the Applied Paper are to do an analysis applying the seven Baldrige criteria and make recommendations based on your results and what you learned in the course. 
Please use the questionnaire in Module 1: Baldridge – Are We Making Progress? along with information from your textbook to help develop your paper.
Your paper must directly include each of the seven Baldrige criteria in order, by name and in bold, so that it makes it clear that you have addressed each one and you clearly understand and have analyzed each one.

Baldridge Criteria (see Module 1):

1. Leadership; 2. Strategy; 3. Customers; 4. Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management; 5. Workforce; 6. Operations; and 7. Results
Technical Directions:
Use three sources, with one being your textbook.
Cite any sources that you may use in the paper in proper APA format. It should be written in Microsoft Word.
12 pt. font
Sections of the Paper to Include:
Title Page
Introduction of the Organization
Analysis of the Seven Baldridge Criteria of the Organization
Recommendations for the Organization (based on your analysis of the Baldridge Criteria)

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