Notess help with understanding Shelby Peel KIN 202: Speaker #1 KIN 202: Summary Example 1. Speaker Information: Mr. Mackel Harris came to spe

help with understanding 

Shelby Peel KIN 202: Speaker #1

KIN 202: Summary Example

1. Speaker Information: Mr. Mackel Harris came to speak to our class to inform us on the career of

being a Chiropractor. He works as the Director of Multicultural Relations at Life University in downtown

Atlanta, Georgia. Harris first studied at North Avenue Trade School while he pursued a degree of

Industrial Engineering.

2. Requirements: He explained to us that Chiropractor school was a three-and-a-half-year long program

at Life University. Life University is one of only twenty-eight schools in the world that offer

Chiropracting; however, Life is the largest out of the 18 in the United States. Life is on the quarter system

which means that there are ten weeks in a quarter, and it costs $369 per quarter hour. A total of 44 hours

is required to enter Chiropracting school at Life; this must include Biology 1 and 2, Chemistry 1 and 2,

plus 12 other sciences. A GPA of 2.75-2.99 will be accepted. Mackel says that it is “Easy to get in, but

hard to get out”, meaning that it is a challenge.

3. Opportunities: A Chiropractor deals with the nervous system and the spine, focusing on alignment,

sinuses, migraines, scoliosis, etc. At Life University they have stopped using cadavers and started

working with the Vertical Dissection Table. They also offer a program to students in their 13th and 14th

quarters to travel to overseas countries such as New Zealand and Australia to do their observations. On

average in Mississippi, the starting salary for a Chiropractor is $123,000, making this one of the top 50

paying healthcare jobs in the US. One of the reasons this job is on the rise is because of the need for

Chiropractors in schools and colleges. Mackel explained that within the next year every high school in the

US will have their own personal Chiropractor. This, along with the fact that Life places their students

with doctors, makes it easy for students graduating from school to find a job.

4. What I learned: Before Mr. Mackel Harris came to speak, I had never really looked into this career

choice. I could see this as potentially being one of my back up choices. I am very interested in researching

and learning more about this career path.

5. Pros/Cons: A pro to this job is that they are not on call so they can raise their family and make their

own set hours. From what he said, in my opinion, there was little to no cons about this job, but the pros

are endless.

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