Nursing Leadership Nursing homework help

 2.   Introduce the topic of nursing certification
    a.    Explore the reasons to achieve Nursing certification
    b.    Discuss your particular work setting or future work settings position on certification.
               i.    Work site incentives for nurses to become certified
               ii.    Work site educational programs leading to certification
               iii.    Work site mentorship and or/professional recognition
     c.    Critically analyze the pros and cons for Nursing certification
3.   About family nurse practitioner:
     a.    Outline the steps required to obtain professional certification in your particular specialty area of interest
                   Create a personal timeline to achieve certification in the future if desired
      b.    Describe the specialty area of current or future interest – Why did you choose it?
                  Summarize professional organizations, and journals available to members including;
4.    Costs associated with professional certification
5.    Continuing education requirements post certification 

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