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Governor Greg Abbott signs a sweeping legislature to ban all abortions after 6-week fetus incubation. Senate Bill 8 ignites national outrage, and Texas’s governor found loopholes to stifle any attempt to deny it. As pro-choice advocates embark on a frantic scramble, they turn to House Democrats as their savior to kill the bill [6]. This essay will overview a pro-choice interest group (Planned Parenthood) and its opposing constituent, the Pro-Life Action League (PLAL) and their positions. The paper will investigate a pro-choice POV from the US’s National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), Texas’s AVOW anti-abortion committee, and grant insight on substantial impacts on the Democratic Party.    

Planned Parenthood Interest Group Pro-Choice

Planned Parenthood is a rights-based, public interest, nonprofit organization for reproductive health [11]. They rely on rights-based advocation “on behalf of civil liberties” and public interest “for issues… in the interest of particular public” [8]. Planned Parenthood specializes in all facets of sexual health, embracing openness for sex health, abortion, birth control, and sexual orientation while avidly denouncing the Texas abortion law and pro-life institutions. This action group, with many liberals, sees this as an infringement on Roe v. Wade and healthcare rights that almost “one in four women will utilize in their lifetime” [11].

 In the 2020 cycle, $5,999,024 in contributions flowed in, and over $10 million came from funding [10]. Outside groups received over $8 million, with Democratic candidates indirectly receiving almost $1.7 million. Liberal affiliations allocated all top donors [10]. They view “fetal heartbeat” as misleading and argue a public health crisis occurs in anti-abortion states, like Georgia with the 2nd worst maternal mortality rates, Missouri with 50% higher cardiovascular mortality during childbirth, and Ohio, which wishes to ban abortion entirely [7].

Pro-Life Action League Interest Group Pro-Life

The Pro-Life Action League is an abortion-specific, rights-based interest group. They take a hardline stand against abortion and find “killing an unborn child is inherently wrong” [14]. Through highlighting flaws in Planned Parenthood’s research, PLAL debunks several controversial issues, like how much support abortion has and the adverse long-term effects of killing an innocent. They denote mental problems such as “sexual exploitation, poverty, and absence of moral guidance,” correlating with a society that is “incapable of cherishing and nurturing human life” [14]. The fiscal year 2020 yielded $751,872 total support/revenue, with around $90,000 in fundraising [9]. The program services totaled $578,667, and the Management cost generated $126,465. Their net assets took a $40,000+ loss, presumably because of the presidential election results. One article notes that “49% of Americans say they believe abortion is ‘morally wrong’ while only 42% say they believe abortion is ‘morally acceptable’” [4]. Furthermore, their research also finds more pro-life versus pro-choice as of 2018. It’s presumed that PLAL is heavily conservative, but demographics and political beliefs may have shifted these perspectives.

Democratic Party – Pro-Choice against Senate Bill 8

Democrats mention abortion five times in their platform agenda by protecting reproductive health and contraceptives as healthcare, aligning with Planned Parenthood.  They believe fetal termination is a mother’s inherent right, and they align abortion as an additional government health care service to boost medical (Medicare) usage and increase economic runoff to hospitals [3]. They incline towards pro-choice ideals and oppose “restrictions on medication abortion care that are inconsistent with the most recent medical and scientific evidence” [3]. The blue party opposes the Texas SB8, and most wish for Roe v. Wade to stand. However, an interest group called Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) contradicts their human rights beliefs. DFLA states, “As Democrats, we believe that the role of government is to defend the weak… this applies to pre-born human beings as much as it does to immigrants, the poor, and minorities subject to systemic oppression” [13].

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and AVOW Democrats support Pro-Choice 

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and AVOW are concurrent campaign groups that support abortion regardless of status (website change) [1]. They outline their culture shift to abortion as safe and accepting [2]. On the national scale, in 2021, 48% said abortion should be legal under certain circumstances, while 32% said all occurrences and only 19% always said illegal [5]. From the UT Poll asking about 6-week abortion mandates, 44% favored, and 46% opposed [12]. Finally, regarding SB8, “15% of Democrats said they would support that six-week limit…74% of Republicans supported it” [12].

Pro-Choice – fundamental issue of importance to Democratic Party

Abortion has gained traction as a keystone in modern politics, especially for the Democratic party. Governor Greg Abbott’s latest fetal heartbeat bill to ban abortions six weeks after conception ignited national debate, especially for the Democrats [6]. With President Biden in power, he should find a way for the pro-choice individuals to defeat the pro-lifers’ blocks to their initiatives [3]. In the last decade, abortion’s relevance within our evolving world has skyrocketed, so this should be a primary arguing point for Democratic politicians, specifically for the November 8, 2022 Midterms in Texas and the 2024 Presidential Election.

Planned Parenthood will indubitably harbor much more influence because its funding is almost 100% Democratic, and it reaps 10x more than the PLAL [9] [10]. As seen before in discussions, money unhinges forsaken power in the political world. PLAL’s impact and message may resonate among the conservative population. Still, prominent supporters within Planned Parenthood’s liberal majority will effortlessly overshadow pro-life groups today [11]. With increasing advocacy towards public healthcare for abortion/contraceptives, more sexual reproductive assistance, and a liberal surge for women’s rights, Planned Parenthood will “abort the competition and influence the Democratic party.


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