PowerPoint Project Using voice-over PowerPoint or YouTube, present and discuss the type of organization you selected in Week 1, the chart of accounts you p

Using voice-over PowerPoint or YouTube, present and discuss the type of organization you selected in Week 1, the chart of accounts you plan to use in your company and the internal controls you would set up for your company.

Writing and interpreting results is a large part of your learning experience. These assignments are designed to improve your use of technology and communication skills. You will now be sharing your ideas with your classmates.  Create a PowerPoint presentation discussing the key elements of the writing project.  You may use the voice-over feature in PowerPoint or YouTube to present your PowerPoint.

You will upload a copy of your PowerPoint or the YouTube link to this discussion board AND comment to at least 1 other student on his/her presentation that you watched. Please be sure the audio is clear and the file or link is accessible in the Week 4 Presentation discussion board.


Business Partnership

A business partnership is a legal relationship that exists between more than two people or companies where both parties invest their capital in the business and benefit from profits and losses. There are innumerable advantages of having a business partnership, beginning with the fact that there are more people involved, there is more capital available to develop projects, which in the same way means financial relief for the members since the investment does not fall on a single person. The ideas and capacities of the different members are used for the benefit of all, for example, one person is good at marketing, another at finance, another at human resources, etc., which creates a good team. The responsibilities of the business are shared between the partners just as everyone has the same level of participation in any task. Although it is true that this type of business has great advantages, it also has disadvantages such as that in a business partnership the conflicts can be quite notorious, for example disagreement over a product, the way one works with a certain task, etc. The responsibility for loans, debts, any decision that is made by another partner, is linked to all partners equally. If at any time any of the members of the business wants to sell their part, it could present a problem if it is done by a stranger. Definitively, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to business partnership, it is also important to evaluate them carefully.


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