Proposal MLA Format • 1 ½ to 2 pages (double spaced), not including the Works Cited page • Work Cited page • A minimum of 1 source AEH Division 1 E

 MLA Format •

 1 ½ to 2 pages (double spaced), not including the Works Cited page

 • Work Cited page • 

A minimum of 1 source

AEH Division 1

ENGL 1213: Composition II Value: 50 points

Writing Assignment 1: Research Proposal

Purpose of Writing Assignment
Throughout English Composition II, you will explore, research,
and create arguments about an issue of your choosing. The
primary goal is to highlight a problem that is observable and

The essay should include the following:

• MLA Format
• 1 ½ to 2 pages (double spaced), not including the Works Cited page
• Work Cited page
• A minimum of 1 source, other than your personal observations, cited in the paper. This source may be

one you plan to use in the rest of the essays.

Tasks to Complete
For this assignment, write a research proposal on a topic found to be a problem in society. The purpose of
the research proposal is to give a good overview of the problem, propose what you expect to accomplish with
your research, and explain how you plan to conduct your research.

The topic you choose for this paper will be researched and used throughout the entire semester. To
complete this assignment, you should

Methods of Organization for the Assignment

• Introduction of the issue or problem that your research will address and attempt to resolve.
What is the significance of the issue? Provide insight to the relevance of the issue and a thesis that
states the main point(s) of the proposal.

• Summary of the what you already know about the issue. Explain and describe what you already
know about the issue. How does the issue impact society? What factor(s) contribute to the issue’s
ongoing presence?

• Summary of your research approach. Explain what more you need to learn about the issue. What do
you plan to research regarding the issue? Will you have to clarify terms and concepts? What research is
needed for the opposing viewpoint? What kinds of sources will you use for your research? What

Grade for this Essay

5% Of the overall grade for the

Submit a polished,
academic level
essay using MLA


Use invention
techniques to

identify possible
research problems

Plan and
organize your


Establish a
thesis and

academic level

Write a rough
draft and

complete revision

AEH Division 2

strengths will they lend to the paper? How will they help clarify points you want to make? How will you
gather your sources?

• Summary of your intended audience. Describe the intended audience for your research; who needs
to know about this issue? Is the audience general, specialized, or both? Discuss what people or group
of people might benefit from reading your paper; how will your audience benefit from your research?

• Conclusion that addresses what is at stake if the problem is not solved, and why it is worthy of
a solution.

This assignment helps you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in school and your
professional life beyond school. In this assignment you will:

• Develop skills in thinking about and designing a comprehensive research paper
• Identify logical steps that must be taken to accomplish one’s research goals
• Improve general research and writing skills
• Compose a well-organized, paper that includes an introduction, body, and conclusion

Criteria for Success
A summary of the grading criteria for this assignment can be found in the following table. For detailed
criteria, see the assignment rubric.

Category Description Points
Mechanics Students will communicate using academic language and conventions of

Standard American English.

Formatting Students will format an essay utilizing MLA style formatting. 10
Organization Students will present information in a unified and coherent manner. 15
Content Students will write an essay that responds to all parts of the prompt. 20
Total 50 pts.

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