psy 3 pargraph

psy 3 pargraph

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Go to the FNU Library Online (Access instructions below) and find an article related to the various questions drafted and approach taken by companies to make selections in their personnel selections and ensure they hire the best fit (employees) for the job. Then, write a 3-paragraph minimum summary (in APA style and using References) on the subject issue. You can also use your Textbook as a reference. Be sure you submit at LEAST 3 paragraphs (meaning 15 sentences or more). Your assignment may be more than 3 paragraphs but not less.


To access the FNU Online Library for journals and articles you can go the FNU library link here:

In order to access all the journals, you will need the following username and password:

username: 24439

password: onlinelibrary39

If you have any issues accessing any library journals, please contact our FNU Library at any time. 

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