Reflection Memo English homework help

 See the attached document for instructions and expectations for the Reflection Memo.  

This is the last assignment that focuses on the Ethics & Moral Standards Memo. Make sure you read the overview description for the full details about that assignment.

For this MEMO, I want you to reflect on your experiences researching, drafting, reviewing, and revising your Ethics & Moral Standards Memo by completing BOTH PARTS as follows:

Answer in Paragraphs


· What changed the most from your first draft to your final draft? How did peer review and/or instructor feedback influence that change?

· Consider your work as a peer reviewer for your classmates’ first drafts. How do you think you helped improve their memos? What would you do differently as a reviewer in the future?

· What is one aspect of your memo that you would still like to improve? How would you go about doing that?

· What is one T&P writing skill that you learned or improved while working on this assignment? What do you want to learn or improve next?

Complete and Respond


1. Read this overview about “Readability Tests” ( what they are, how to conduct one, how to read the results, troubleshooting, etc.).  NOTE: This file can also be found in the “Document Formatting” folder under Modules.

2. Complete a Readability Test on the final draft of your Ethics & Moral Standards Memo. 

3. Take a screenshot of the pop-up screen. Crop the image so it shows just the screen and insert it into the body of the memo.

4. Spend 1-2 paragraphs talking about the results and comparing the results against the information provided in the overview file. Consider the following as ideas to write about:




· Discuss what the Flesch-Kincaid scores (Reading and Grade Level) say. How do you feel about the results?

· Do you think the level is appropriate for the audience/reader? If the scores are high, what do you think you could do to make the scores lower?

· How do your results compare to some of the other publications listed in the overview? Do you think that’s a good gauge or not? 

Aim to make your answers a deep reflection on your experience that will help you grow as a writer. Answers to questions should be about a paragraph long, not just a few words. If you want to discuss something not covered in the questions above, feel free to write about it.

Generally speaking, your memo should have at least 7 short paragraphs: intro paragraph, at least 1 paragraph for each question in the “Answer in Paragraphs” section, at least 1 paragraph about Readability (don’t forget to include the screenshot!), and concluding paragraph. Odds are good this memo will be at least 2 pages – so don’t forget to use subheaders appropriately!

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