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The aim of health maintenance and prevention services is to better people’s health. According to Edelman, the goal of medical promotion programs is to actively connect and empower people and the community at large to choose the optimal health behaviors and make lifestyle modifications to lower the risk of chronic illness development (Edelman et al.,2021). The process of enabling and strengthening people’s ability to control and enhance their health is referred to as health promotion.

 Any healthcare provider institution’s ultimate purpose is to keep patients safe while they are at their facility. Patients who choose your health care facility are implying that they trust you to offer them with the best possible care. Improper diagnosis of acute illnesses is one of the key issues threatening patient safety. Medical practitioners are unable to conduct an accurate diagnosis on patients due to a lack of suitable diagnostic equipment in a healthcare facility, leaving some acute diseases undiscovered (Edelman et al.,2021).

Misdiagnosis of the patient’s ailment, according to Kaisey, can be a concern. This could lead to resistance to standard antibiotics, causing the patient’s health to deteriorate. As a result, cancer and hematology infusion centers are responsible for establishing some preventative treatments, such as emphasizing antibiotic stewardship programs. Despite the fact that digital transformations have been established to answer many problems in the medical and other industries, misdiagnosis has been a serious patient safety issue in health care.

Physicians should incorporate evidence-based therapies into their practice to improve patient diagnosis. Due to the numerous hours spent going over medical charts, the adoption of modern Electronic Health Records in examination rooms provides more accurate treatments and diagnoses, as well as other associated technologies, which will help physicians to provide better care to patients.

People and the community as a whole are fully engaged and empowered to choose the best health behaviors and make lifestyle adjustments to lower the risk of acquiring chronic diseases and other morbidities through health promotion and disease prevention initiatives. In the healthcare industry, there are various patient safety concerns, one of which is misdiagnosis. Misdiagnosis caused by a lack of suitable diagnostic equipment in a healthcare facility is an issue since medical practitioners are unable to conduct an effective diagnosis, which can result in premature death and disability.



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Health maintenance and management services are designed to improve people’s health. The goal of medical promotion programs, according to Tuckett, is to aggressively empower and educate community at large to choose the best health behaviors and make lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of chronic illness (Tuckett, et al., 2018). Health promotion is the process of supporting and increasing people’s capacity to control and improve their health.

 The primary goal of any healthcare provider institution is to keep folks safe while they are in their care. Individuals who choose your health care institution are expressing that they have faith in your ability to provide them with the best care available. One of the major challenges endangering patient safety is incorrect diagnosis of acute diseases. Due to a lack of appropriate testing equipment in a hospital or clinic, healthcare professionals are unable to accurately diagnose patients, leaving certain acute diseases undiagnosed (Tuckett, et al., 2018).

According to Allen, misinterpretation of the patient’s illness can be a problem. This could result in resistance to common antibiotics, putting the patient’s health at risk. As a result, cancer and hematology infusion centers are in charge of putting in place specific preventative measures, such as promoting antibiotic stewardship programs. Despite the fact that digital changes have been built to solve many problems in the medical and other industries, misdiagnosis in health care has been a critical patient safety issue.

To enhance healthcare diagnosis, practitioners should include concrete proof therapies into their practices. The implementation of contemporary Healthcare Data in examination rooms gives accurate treatments as well as treatments, as well as other linked technologies, which will assist physicians deliver better care to patients due to the multiple hours spent poring over medical charts.

Under healthcare promotion and disease prevention activities, individuals and the population nowadays are fully engaged and enabled to choose the optimal health habits and make lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of chronic disease and other morbidities. Patient safety is a major worry in the healthcare business, with misdiagnosed being one of them. Medical practitioners are unable to make an efficient diagnosis as a result of a lack of appropriate diagnostic equipment in a healthcare facility, which can result in disability and premature death (Allen 2020).


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Women in the United States are more likely than women in other developed countries to die during childbirth. 1 Individuals in Good Health2030 focuses on minimizing pregnancy problems and maternal mortality, as well as assisting women in maintaining their health prior to, during, and after pregnancy. Some women develop health difficulties during pregnancy, while others develop health problems before conception that could lead to pregnancy concerns. Preventing pregnancy issues can be as simple as encouraging women to adopt healthy habits and seek medical attention before and during their pregnancy. In addition, actions to avoid unwanted pregnancies can assist women and newborns to have better outcomes. Therefore, my topic number 3, pregnancy and childbirth, are important.

The health of women before, during, and after pregnancy can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of their infants. Women who receive recommended health care services before becoming pregnant are more likely to be healthy during their pregnancy and give birth to healthy babies. Infant health can be improved by strategies that help pregnant women seek medical treatment and avoid dangerous habits like smoking or drinking alcohol. Despite advancements in medical research and care, significant disparities in mother’s health, baby birth, and health outcomes persist. Prenatal care and education can greatly enhance delivery and health outcomes for mothers and their babies, but uninsured (or underinsured) women frequently lose out on these essential interventions.

It is important to avoid the development of diseases or conditions such as perinatal depression, gestational diabetes, and folic acid intake to prevent the development of neural tube defects. The criteria are used to understand the risk of developing conditions such as various screenings for pregnant women, preventive medication, preventive interventions, and behavioral counseling interventions.


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Based Resources – Healthy People 2030 |

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