Research Business & Finance homework help

complete case study on the success story provided from the website link below.

At least 6 sources including your TCS source
3 Canadian sources: Go to 6 Canadian sources above and search your key words (instead of using Google)
1 journal article: From eCentennial –> Library resources –> A-Z databases –> Business Source Complete, then search your key words (instead of using Google)
Industry Canada data:

Identify 3 main points you want to make that can add value to the company (and other companies in the same market and sector). For example: Which new markets can they export to? What are the trends in this sector? Is there a trade agreement that benefits the company? How can the company increase their competitive advantage in their new and existing markets?

FITT Trade Ready:
Canadian Business:
Financial Post:
BNN Bloomberg:
McKinsey & Company:

3 pages of text (typewritten, single-spaced, 12 font size, Times New Roman)
Include related charts, graphs, photos and references
• Outline
• Title of your paper
• Abstract: This section is often written in italics
• Key words: provide 4 to 8 key concepts in your research
• Introduction
• Background
• (Point 1)
• (Point 2)
• (Point 3)
• Conclusion
• Page of references

The abstract is a summary of the whole paper, i.e., one can just read the abstract to know the main content of your paper.
The title is a summary of the abstract, i.e., one can look at the title to know the main issues you discuss in the paper.
The first sentence of a paragraph is often the summary of the paragraph.
Compliance with the Academic Honesty and Plagiarism Policy.

INTL725 Individual Project Report Template.docx 

Research Report Sample
Please note: The report sample is example for format purposes only, not for content.

Penalty will be applied as follows:

· Using a source without acknowledging it (even when the student paraphrased and did not copy word-for-word): 20% deduction per source.

· Plagiarizing one sentence (or almost a sentence): 10% deduction per sentence.

· Plagiarizing one paragraph (or almost a paragraph): 50% deduction per paragraph.

· Listing a source that you did not use (in-text citation or page of references): 10% deduction per source.

· Using work from other students: 75% deduction.

· Lateness Penalty: 20% for each day late after the deadline (including weekends).

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