Research Paper

Research Paper

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These theories will be discussed in Week #4.

You are not limited to one of the theories we discuss, as there are several more out there.

Example:  Classical Criminology, Labeling Theory, Differential Association.  Based on one of these theories, I would like you to explain:

1.  Why you most closely align with the theory you chose, why you feel it is closer to the truth?

2.  What is the background to the theory and why do persons that subscribe to that theory believe in its validity?

3.  Finally, how could this theory not only help explain why crime exists, but be used to help reduce it in America?

You will be graded on several of the following:

Format – APA Style format, 12 font, Times New Roman, correct citations, margins and headers.

15 Points. (Links to an external site.)

Length – The papers body shall be no less than Five (5) pages, not including title or research citations. 

10 Points.

Content – Opinions are allowed if you are using research to make an argument as to why you believe a certain theory, however you must cite that theory as a footnote in the argument.

15 Points.

Grammar and Punctuation – Spelling, structure, syntax and punctuation.

10 points

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