Research Paper_ Part 2_ PD

Research Paper_ Part 2_ PD

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The journal indicated below describes a national project. Based on the journal, and on your team’s understanding of the project, answer the questions below:

Journal title: “1976 Montreal Olympics: Case Study of Project Management Failure”


1. Was it an internal or external project? Provide rationale.  

2. Identify at least 10 major stakeholders for the project.

3. What were the needs or expectation of each stakeholder?

4. Identify and describe at least 5 most important resources used in the project.

5.What was the alternative approach for the project (i.e. if the stadium had not been built, what else could have been done to ensure the olympics still occurred)?

6. Based on (5) above, was building the stadium at this location and at this time the best approach to have been chosen?  Provide rationale using PV, NPV, IRR, B/C. [1 page]

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